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Guitars Currently On Order (alphabetical by maker)

House SSD

House SSD

  1. Beneteau OM - Rosewood/Bear Claw Sitka
  2. Furch G24 SEd - Paduak/Alpine Spruce
  3. Joshua House Piedmont - Myrtle/Engelmann
  4. Joshua House OM - T'zalam/Sinker Cedar
  5. Joshua House SS Dreadnought - Chechen/Torrified Sitka
  6. Joshua House Jumbo - Figured Mahogany/Torrified Sitka
  7. Mcilroy A25c
  8. Mcilroy AS25- Walnut/Cedar, Celtic knot
  9. Mcilroy ASD30 - Rosewood/Sitka, Celtic Knot
  10. Mcilroy A25c - Walnut/Cedar Celtic knot
  11. Mcilroy AS35 - Rosewood/Cedar, Celtic Knot
  12. Mcilroy A30c - Rosewood/Sitka, Celtic Knot
  13. Mcilroy AS30c - Rosewood/Sitka
  14. Mcilroy A25 - Walnut/Cedar
  15. Northwood 000 - Katolox/Sitka

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